18 June 2024

Ford Motor Company is recalling hundreds of thousands of F-150 trucks in the U.S. due to a potential problem with their electric parking brakes. The issue involves a wiring harness getting damaged from contact with the rear axle housing, leading to unexpected activation of the parking brake.

The affected trucks, totaling 870,701, belong to the 2021 to 2023 model years and have single exhaust systems. The recall will address the problem by either replacing the damaged harness with a new one featuring a protective plastic shield or applying a protective tie strap and tape wrap, all at no cost to the owners.

The company will send letters to the affected owners and dealerships on September 11, informing them of the recall and the available fix. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries or crashes related to this issue.

Ford started investigating reports of the unintentional parking brake activation in February and is taking prompt action to ensure the safety of its customers.