18 June 2024

In Ocala, Florida, there was a big incident at a Hilton hotel. A 16-year-old girl got into trouble because she set fire to a sofa in the hotel. It happened around 3:25 in the morning, and firefighters came quickly to handle the situation.

The hotel staff had already evacuated all the guests, which was around 320 people. The hotel had alarms that made noise and showed flashing lights to warn everyone, and there were sprinklers that turned on near the banquet rooms to help put out the fire.

The firefighters followed the smoke to find where the fire started, and they used a special camera to locate it. They worked together with the sprinkler system and used water to put out the flames. The fire burned a couch and part of a nearby wall, but they were able to completely put it out in just seven minutes.

Since the fire seemed to be set on purpose, the authorities started to investigate the situation. They soon arrested the 16-year-old girl who had started the fire. It turned out that she was visiting from another city and had a fight with her mother, which led to her doing this dangerous act.

The hotel suffered a lot of damage because of the fire, and it was estimated to cost almost $200,000 to repair everything. Luckily, because the hotel staff acted quickly and the firefighters responded fast, nobody got hurt, and the guests could go back to their rooms on the same morning.